Personal Growth Coach in Fairfax Virginia

ADD / ADHD Coach

While there is no cure for ADHD because it is a unique wiring of the brain, there are a number of treatments that help people diagnosed with ADHD focus their attention and redirect their energy as a means of managing their behavior. Click here for a 30 minute consult with Mark.

Business & Leadership Mentor

Executives need help, too. That’s why Mark Julian dedicates his career to boosting your career with the Business Leadership Mentor program. Mark has 30 years of experience in business. Learn more, and click to apply here.

Entrepreneur Consultant

For the past 10 years, entrepreneurs have consulted with Mark on all aspects of their businesses. Mark has unique expertise with his own businesses, coupled with his specialized knowledge in productivity, time management, as well as relationships and networking. Click here to apply to consult with Mark.

It's a revolution! Prepare yourself with your own ADHD Business Coach!

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Mark challenged me to take my business to the next level. Now, I’ve been promoted, my business is growing and I’ve re-connected to my core values and improved relationships with family and friends!

Scott Marschall

Managing Director

I’m out of my old house and building a new life and a new business… It hasn’t all been easy, but you have stood with me and reminded me that I can do it! I like that perspective and I’m sticking with it! Thanks for sticking with me, being fun, but tough when I needed it and for reminding me who I really am.


Franchise Owner

I see things clearer now… This has been like a WAKE UP CALL that has helped me clarify the real issues! I’m really empowered and motivated!


IT Specialist