ClearView Consulting & Coaching

Personal Growth Consulting & CoachingClearView Consulting & Coaching was established in 2007 by Mark Julian to provide consulting and support to adults diagnosed with ADHD. Our Attention-Centered Coaching and ADD Consultants are certified through the International Coach Federation and have received training through the ADD Coach Academy and JST Coaching. We provide professional coaching and consulting support to people with ADD/ADHD, in order to help them manage the challenges and maximize the benefits of this unique brain type.

Our Certified Professional ADD/ADHD specialists approach ADHD as a syndrome that may be present in as much as 10% of the population. Rather than being a deficit of attention, ADD/ADHD is better understood as a challenge to the regulation of attention and thus, to emotional regulation as well.

Your Brain and ADHD

Just like any other brain type, personality type, characteristic, or trait that a group of people share, the ADHD brain is prone to certain types of behaviors. ADHD is characterized by inattentiveness, distractibility, impulsiveness, and high activity levels. Unlike the medical world’s approach to ADHD, our management specialists see ADHD characteristics as ones that can be viewed in a positive light when managed and used appropriately.

Understanding the ADHD brain and how each brain is unique from the rest is central to managing behavior and improving performance. ClearView ADHD coaches have personal experience and professional training with ADD/ADHD and use their own experience and success in overcoming the negative aspects of ADHD—managing these traits to produce positive outcomes—and helping our clients to do the same!