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Career Coach Mark Julian mentors young adults in their search for the right career path. He answers the most pressing question on your mind:
“How am I ever going to find a job I love and stay with it?”

Searching for a new career or looking to switch careers is stressful. It can be down right scary. In your high tech world, finding new work can also be competitive. How are you going to stand out?

The first step is building your confidence. Even if you haven’t fully decided on which career path is the right one for you, you’re eager to work. Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

Will I find a job?
Will I make enough money to live?
How do I prepare myself to put my best foot forward during an interview?
Am I qualified enough?

Having a clear vision and job expectations will help you make the right career choice. Understanding who you are, and where you want to go takes understanding your personality, ambitions, and skills. This is also a necessary step to identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Always remember that your weakness doesn’t mean you’re weak, undecided, or unworthy. It just means you need to focus more on your strengths and follow through.

Will A Career Coach Help Me?

The ClearView Strategy to Career Coaching includes:

  • One-to-one mentoring sessions
  • Determine your vision of an ideal or meaningful career you’d be passionate about
  • Gain insights on your past employment, personality, strengths, and weaknesses (skill sets)
  • Proactively suggest appropriate tests and additional material to help you
  • Build your confidence and motivation to win the job

According to USA Today, Millennials (and other age groups) cited three goals when selecting a career.
Make a difference in society
Empower their city
Improve their country

Affordable education and career advancement were also part of their concerns.

Coach Mark will help you devise a plan, guide you toward developing your skills, and most importantly help you to build confidence.

Are you confident in your career or career search? If the answer is no: Contact Coach Mark for a one-to-one career coach session. It will change your life.

When I began coaching with Mark, I was at a crossroads in my life. Together, we worked to set goals, create synergies and make clear choices. Today, I’m working in a dream job, I’m in a wonderful relationship and finally completing my dissertation for my Ph.D. in Learning Management!

Valerie W.

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