Coaching Packages

Mark Julian, ADD Coach and Business Mentor

Mark Julian. Adult ADHD and ADD coach, and mentor to entrepreneurs

Below you’ll find descriptions of a few different coaching packages available to you. Please note that while the package descriptions sum up the offering, each coaching relationship, and each mentoring plan of action, is a completely customized experience.

We’re guided by your own innate needs and wants, coupled with solution-based thinking and methods that are designed to help you to achieve what YOU want to achieve. Find which package appeals best to you, and let’s customize a coaching experience created to help you play to your assets.

Already identified your desired outcomes or want to explore an area of concern? Contact me and we’ll meet for a free discovery session and see if we’re a fit to work together. My calendar is here.

Wishing you much value, discovery and well being on this leg of your healing journey.

– Mark Julian


A mentor can be your best business assetToday’s entrepreneurs have access to more affordable tools and solutions than ever before. Such access has produced a global-bloom of smart, new businesses that have transformed our cultural and economic landscapes. Independent women and men are creating careers and lifestyles that were simply out of reach to previous generations. Today, individuals have the power to transform their lives and societies that can make a lasting difference in our world… And, as Uncle Ben Parker said in Spider-Man, “With great power comes great responsibility.” As their business’s most important asset, entrepreneurs understand the importance of investing in themselves in order to leverage successes. In corporate America, professional coaching has demonstrated a 700% return-on-investment* where coaching & mentoring has become a primary feature in business plans and models world-wide. Simply put, it’s your responsibility to access the advantages that help you and by extension, your business, succeed. After all, it’s nobody’s business, but yours.



Change is about adaptability.Change — whether you’ve chosen to take it, or been forced to make it — comes down to adaptability. Experts conclude that unique, human qualities of adaptation have been the most significant contributor to our success as a species. For a whole host of reasons, transitions and adaption are highly stressful and challenging, especially to those of us with ADHD. What have you experienced in past transitions? Now, are you preparing for success or are you seeding resistance? Is your route pre-paved, or will you be bush-whacking your way? Are you aligning for success, or taking a hard spin at the Karma Wheel? Success isn’t all science, or all art — it’s a dynamic, creative process. This 4-step process provides you with the collaboration, personalization and preparation to create your next career & life-changing success!



ADHD entrepreneurs invest in themselvesMy coaching philosophy ties executive leadership to, what neurologist refer to as, executive-function. For most of us, it’s our executive-function differences that help to determine an ADHD diagnosis. Some approach these differences as if going to war with them, which can result in going to war with yourself. Only, the secret to transforming leadership isn’t about changing who you are, it’s about growing self-awareness and becoming, by choice, more deeply who you already are. You see, techniques and trainings that separate you from your role as a business leader are not just unnatural, they’re superficial and in the long run, unsustainably fraught with difficulties. Effective leadership is naturally innovative and creative; inspiring through authenticity, vision and example. You’ll learn through doing and experience how to take your inner-executive to a whole new level. As a result, you’ll be a more effective, successful leader by learning to access and align with your own, authentic executive.



ADHD and RelationshipsIt’s been said that with ADHD the most predictable expectation might be unpredictability itself. In relationships, this can present a spectrum of effects ranging from delight to disaster. For instance, you may be aware of patterns, whereby close friendship’s or intimacy seem either “all in” or “all out” with no middle ground to stand in. You may notice intense empathy and insight in one situation only to meet abrupt detachment in another. Your confidence and sense of security can begin to erode as you observe contradictory performance in tasks, social settings or compulsive behaviors. It can start to feel like an emotional roller coaster ride where it’s easy to resent the one that’s seems to be at the controls. The secret to managing ADHD in relationships begins by recognizing an individual’s symptoms and learning to engage with the person rather than their symptoms. Such a process can spark a transformation whereby both parties benefit to deepen and enrich their personal connection. If you have ADHD, or if you have a spouse, a partner, or child with ADHD, you may want to learn more.



Your ADHD SymptomsIf you’re just beginning or completing your secondary academic career, you’re probably wanting to make this transition a super successful one, right? If so, you’re looking in the right direction! Transitioning can be exhilarating, challenging, even scary – and especially so for those of us with ADHD. It’s a little like going solo on your first, white-water rafting trip. The need to succeed is apparent and your performance and choices are suddenly seen in a whole new context. It can all seem quite overwhelming at times, and yet deep down, you probably know it doesn’t have to be. Collaborating with a professional coach can provide the support, mentoring and experience to help you navigate new waters. It’s a smart, important decision that can provide an edge as you take on this next, new ride of your life!


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