Thriving With ADD/ADHD

A person with an ADHD type brain isn’t in need of a “cure” but does need to recognize and manage its unwanted symptoms. Some adults with ADD or ADHD seem to cope with symptoms and live life effectively, while others struggle. Often, new symptoms arise throughout life as situations and circumstances change. Contrary to popular belief ADHD is never “outgrown” and symptoms can impact every facet of an adult’s personal and professional life.

How to Thrive with ADD as an Adult

One tool for those diagnosed with ADHD/ADD is medication – which can be great, but medication is only one tool, not a solution. Many ADDers have been helped tremendously with a combination of the right medication, education and coaching. For others, between current stimulant drug shortages and aversions to using more medications, growing numbers are seeking effective alternatives to drugs. This is always a personal choice between you and your doctor. Either way, thriving with ADHD or ADD as an adult requires education, understanding and compassion, along with strategies and tools that target motivation (interest) and activation (doing). Working with an expert targets interest, self awareness, and true motivation, with or without the use of medication.

Create Positive Patterns for personal growth

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